Grading Tests

Grading final tests makes me both incredibly happy and depressed at the same time. On one hand, the answers kids come up with can be hilarious and I sometimes burst out laughing just reading the randomness. On the other hand, it can sometimes leave me with a serious feeling of failure as a teacher. But in the end, it’s a fact that some students are just plain dense.

I gave my TB1B’s a final book test last week and after grading them I found some treasures amongst the pile. About half the students did pretty well (mostly girls) but atleast 6 out of the 18 kids failed. I have a sample of the most hilarious answers to share with you (ALL of which are from the same student) becuase they made my day.

If the word is indented it’s what he wrote.

Fill in the blanks: 
A dog can   noisy   but it can’t    quist.
A parrot can   fly   but it can’t    eat chick.
a lizard can    coop    but it can’t     cook.

Name 5 types of transport.
Example: Car

Complete sentence with “in” “on” or “at”:
They are    fish    a plane    eat     the airport

What are you doing?
I    have killend    in the sea. (swim)
I    have small     my homework. (do)
I    have rock     a book. (read)

I mean, what was this student doing for the past 7 months?! Shame.


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