New Apartment

Tamlyn’s and my apartment is falling apart! The kitchen sink no longer works so all the water now flows into a bucket that we must empty in the toilet when it gets too full. Our bathtub drain is clogged up and barely drains so the tub is always full of soapy water. Our laundry machine leaks water and floods the bathroom, so we can’t use it anymore. Our water filter also leaks so we can’t have a huge source of drinking water anymore but instead buy smaller, 2 litre water bottles every few days. We complained to the school about it and their solution is to move us to a new apartment because the lease is up on this one anyway! So this week we are slowly moving into Dom and Kirsty’s old apartment a few blocks away, hopefully we will be settled in by monday or tuesday. We took a look at the place yesterday, it’s very big and nice but it was absolutely filthy! The school sent cleaners to spruce the place up for it and we gave it the approval today. The apartment is located on a street full of prostitutes though, which I find funny. They sit in front of big open windows facing the street, looking bored. So my final few weeks will be spent in the new apartment, which is fine by me because I’m sick of emptying that water bucket!!


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