Time Flies

There has been a general lack of blogging this past month. My apologies! I have 4 weeks left in China before I travel SouthEast Asia and I am going to try my best to update my blog every second or third day with my final stories from the Middle Kingdom. I can’t believe my year is almost up! My first few weeks in Hohhot are still so fresh and vivid in my mind! The purpose of this blog entry is to update you on what’s been going on since April!

This month has been amazingly busy! Michael, who originally was meant to depart back to Canada on April 17th, decided that he liked China so much he wanted to stay longer to travel! So after a lot of government/police station trips we were able to extend his VISA for another month to give him more time to travel! He ventured off on his own for a while and saw Saigon and Haiku, two very popular cities in China for their beaches! I was very jealous, I wanted to travel China some more but alas, I had to work! While Michael was in Hohhot I took him to many different restaurants and he watched a few of my classes and now he is actually considering coming to China to teach himself! Today is his birthday, but the poor guy caught a serious fever from yours truly and is bed ridden! He is meant to leave tomorrow..I really hope he’ll get better before then!

About my sickness! About 10 days ago I got seriously ill. I had a high fever, was dizzy, couldn’t walk straight, every joint and muscle ached so I couldn’t get comfortable no matter how I rested, I had a sour throat and was nauseated. I started feeling sick on Saturday and by Sunday morning I knew that I couldn’t teach. In our contracts at EF, we are allowed 3 days sick leave throughout the year but you are required to have a doctors note or you lose pay for the day. So I called up Amelie (or teacher liaison) and weakly made my way to the clinic with her. The doctor took my temperature, said “OY!” when he saw how high it was, and declared my illnesses to be a severely high fever and a throat infection. He gave me anti-biotics and medicine and I was in bed for the next 3 days straight. I still have a cough now, but otherwise I’m back to normal and the fever has been passed to Michael. 😦

So April consisted of Michaels visit and sickness, and my final month in China will involve packing, eating, and planning for my trip in June! Thankfully I’m sending the majority of my things home with Michael tomorrow, it’ll save me a ton of kwai because I wont have to pay for a lot of shipping now, probably just 1 or 2 boxes at the end of May. So like I said before, I’ll try my best to update every few days! 29 days left!! xoxo


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  1. Tricia Allan
    May 03, 2012 @ 10:30:33

    Sorry to hear you were ill. That’s awful to feel so yucky & have so little time to recuperate. It’s good you’re on the mend, though. Enjoy your last few weeks. And I’m looking forward to hear about your travels. Tricia


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