On the road again!

Michael arrived on Monday night and I’ve been showing him the ropes of Chinese life in Hohhot. He really likes it here, I let him come and watch some of my classes and I wouldn’t be surprised if he signed a contract at my school and stayed for a year! I haven’t been able to show him much of the city yet because of work, but after we travel he will be here for another week and there are lots of places I’d love to take him, such as the Temples, Manda Shopping centre, a Chinese club, Hot Pot and the mountains. When we come back to Hohhot I hope to bring him to places that even I haven’t visited yet: the dinosaur museum, the Shangru La buffet and out to Chinese IMAX! We leave for Beijing on Sunday night (sleeper train), will stay there for 3 nights, fly to Xi’An to see the Terrcotta Soldiers for 4 days, and then fly to Chengdu to check out the pandas for 5 days! Very excited, can’t wait to see more of this country. This will be my last opportunity to travel in China, unfortunately :(. The next time I leave Hohhot will be for good. Can’t believe it’s almost been a year!! I’ll update you on my vacation once I’m back on April 6th!! Cheers!



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