New Small Stars Class!

I was given a brand new Small Stars Orange Class last week, which means that I got to pick all their names! I picked the show Smallville (which chronicles the life of Superman before he became a super hero) as the theme because I doubted there would be many children with names such as these: Clark, Kent, Lex, Luthor, Kal-El, Krypton, Chloe, Lois, and Super. I know it sounds super nerdy, but it’s so funny saying “What’s your name?” and hearing “My name is Krypton.” hahaha

Unfortunately, sometimes the parents request that we change their children’s names (I can’t image why!). In this case, the boy I named Kent wanted his name to be Helen. I said exasperatedly, “But Helen’s a woman’s name!” but it didn’t make any difference. So Kent’s name is Helen, and the parent’s of Lois wanted her name to be Ada. So now I have a whole class of Smallville characters, plus Helen the boy and Ada. Worst.


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