Favourite Games!!

Turns out, that VIP I didn’t want never showed up for his last lesson with me! To celebrate, I thought I’d write a much happier blog than the last one! I’ve been teaching for 6 months now, so I’ve played a number of different games. Some I’ve shared with you already, but I thought that I’d give a list of some of my favourite games to play in my classes! Some of these games aren’t really games at all, just excuses for me to have a laugh and be abusive, particularly the ones where I get to hit children with balls or flyswatters. Because let’s face it, nothing is funnier than when a child gets hit in the face by a ball. Oh, and different games are suited to different levels, so I’ll try to give at least one for every level!
AGES: Small Stars: 4-7, High Flyers: 8-11, Trail Blazers: 12-15, Reals: 16+

Sumo Wrestlers! Small Stars, HFs and sometimes TBs.
-Have the vocab (or pictures if they are Small Stars) written on pieces of paper and split the class into 2 teams. One person from each team comes to the front and you tape the vocab to their back. They have to try and see the others word without showing them their back!

BIG. GREEN. BALL! Small Stars, HFs and TBs.
-Possibly my favourite game. Move the chairs away from the wall, stand at the other end of the classroom with the school’s big green ball in front of you on the floor. Pick 3 students to stand at the wall where the chairs were removed. Kick the big green ball at them. If it hits them, they have to answer a question, sit down, and are replaced by another student so there are always 3 people standing. They are allowed to duck, jump and run away from the ball, but they must always be touching the wall. HILARIOUS. I always laugh the whole time, and my older students are always shouting “Stephanie, be careful! Dangerous!! Dangerous!!” Awesome.

Sword Fight! HF’s and TBs
-Get 2 fly swatters and give them to 2 students. This can go 2 ways. They can either sword fight with the fly swatters and the first person to stab the other wins and the loser must say a sentence. OR the first student to slap the other’s butt with the fly swatter wins and the loser must say a sentence. It’s actually so funny!

Golden Bell Game! TBs and Reals
-Put students in partners and hand out blank paper and markers to each pair. I write a sentence on the board with an error, the first team to write the correct sentence and hold up their paper gets a point. The team with the most points at the end wins!

Life Boat! Small Stars
-This game is so cute and the Small Stars love it! Put a bunch of newspapers in the middle of the floor to represent a life boat. Put flashcards all around the boat. Tell the students to stand on the newspaper because that is their life boat and I am a shark in the water. If they step into the water (the floor) I will eat them. Myself and the PA take away newspapers from the lifeboat slowly, so the students have to jump onto the flashcards. If they jump on the flashcard they have to say what it is over and over (She is mom! She is mom! She is mom! etc) until they jump to a different one. If they don’t say the flashcard, I will eat them! If I eat them they must sit down. The last student left alive wins the game! This game is total chaos, it’s loud and kids are jumping and shouting all over the room, but it’s so fun and they get really into it!

Dodgeball! HF’s and TBs.
-Very simple. 2 teams, each on their own side, throw the ball at the other team. If someone gets hit they have to give me a sentence and sit down. First team with all members sitting down loses!

3 Headed Parrot! Hf’s, TBs, Reals
-Put students into teams of 3. I ask a question and the teams must reply in full sentences. The catch? They can only say one word at a time. The first student says “I”, second student says “want”, third student says “to”, first student says “go”, second student says “to”…etc. If they make one mistake, no point! I do this with every group a bunch of times, the group with the most points at the end wins a prize!!

Slap Line! All levels.
-Students make a long line in front of you while you hold a fly swatter. You ask them a question or show them a vocab word and they have 5 seconds to make a sentence (of if they are young, to say the word properly). If they don’t do it slap them (gently, of course) on the back, butt or leg. Hahahaha.

-Another great one and excuse for me to be cruel!! 2 teams, one member from each team are on opposite sides of the room. I am in the middle, holding a scarf that has a big ball tied to the end. I ask a question and the first student to answer gets 1 point. I then spin my weapon in circles and the students must get past me without getting hit. If they get by without getting hit they get 1 point (but the student that answered the question first gets 2 points). This one is hysterical, especially when the students try running through and get pegged in the head by the ball. 😀

Tic Tac Toe! TBs and Reals
-Make a large grid on the board with different words in each box. 2 teams, one is x’s one is o’s. Students must pick a box/word and give a sentence related to the context you are teaching. If they get it right, you put an x or o over the square. First team to get 3 x’s or 3 o’s in a row wins!

Double Tap! HFs and TBs
-On the window, write nouns. On the board (which is directly across from the window) write verbs. 2 teams, one member from team 1 stand in the middle with a ball, and two members from team 2 stand on both ends, one guarding the board and one guarding the window. You give the student in the middle 40 seconds to throw the ball and hit a verb and a noun and to make a sentence. For example, she throws at the window and hits monkey, and throws it at the board and hits climb. She must say “The monkey is climbing the tree” before time runs out! The hard part is getting past the goalies at either end! Kids get really competitive with this game! You can also alter the words you use for the game to suite anything your teaching!

Gap Filler! All levels.
-If I’m running ahead of time, or need to keep the students entertained while the computer is loading or while the PA is out grabbing something, I will take my board marker, approach the students one by one while they sit in their chair and ask an impromptu question related to what we were learning in class. If they don’t answer in 5 seconds, I draw on their face. Board markers rub off easily, so it’s not a big deal but the students really panic when they see you coming towards them with menacing grin and holding the marker like it’s a knife. As they should!

Circle Race! All levels.
-Have students move their chairs into a large circle. Draw a man with a parachute on the board (I usually draw water and a shark underneath him to elicit danger, haha). Stand behind one student and have that student ask another student a question. Walk around the circle towards that student. If the student doesn’t answer the question before you get to him, you take away one of the strings of the parachute. Repeat this however many times. If the parachute man loses all the strings to his parachute, he gets eaten by the shark, the students lose and Stephanie wins! And the students HATE it when Stephanie wins because she cheers herself, high fives the PA and rubs it in their face while they put their chairs back.


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  1. Sara
    Dec 05, 2011 @ 23:05:05

    I love these games! I laughed out loud at Gap Filler… and in reference to Circle Game… your celebrating when you won 007 used to make me mad too lol. I also really like Big Gree Ball.


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