We’ve come to it at last.

Winter has hit Hohhot. It came fast, hard and out of nowhere. It started yesterday night as I left the gym. It was snowing pleasantly and peacefully in small, fluffy tufts and quickly covered the roads, making the streets of Hohhot look beautiful and serene for once. The scene actually reminded me of the streets of Thunder Bay during it’s first snow fall, but with more stray dogs. I walked home from the gym listening to Christmas music and enjoying my surroundings. All was well. When I ventured outside today, however, I felt the sharp wind and bitter cold that I had been warned about ever since arriving in Hohhot. While venturing to the grocery store, the wind was so strong and piercingly cold that it literally took my breath away and I had to turn my back to it in order to catch my breath. Coming from Northern Ontario I’m no stranger to cold weather, but it happened so suddenly I feel like I haven’t fully prepared myself yet. Last week I was still wearing my windbreaker and a sweatshirt and that was all I needed! Coincidently, yesterday before it snowed I had bought a decent winter jacket that should be satisfactory from now until spring, and I have scarves and mitts from home, but I think a few extra needed winter accessories will make my winter in China a comfortable one. So as I walked the streets of Hohhot today my eyes were scanning the stores for legit neck-warmers, fleeces, long underwear and proper winter boots! I’m hoping Shanghai wont be as cold in December as Hohhot is now because it will feel like a small but welcomed break from the bitter, dry chill. Or at the very least, I hope Shanghai will be less windy!!


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  1. Gail Johnson
    Nov 24, 2011 @ 20:35:48

    Steph, I hope you have found all the other necessary apparel to keep warm this winter. I know the wind makes everything colder than just the temperature. How cold does it get there, probably much the same as here. Keep warm, Nan


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