San Zhong

Throughout the week, many teachers from EF have to travel to a local public school near ours called San Zhong and teach one or two 40 minute classes. The school is very large and has a number of differently aged students. We all teach the same level: 13-14 year olds. What’s daunting about San Zhong is the amount of students and the atmosphere. There are around 60-70 students in each class, sitting in long rows facing the board in a very small classroom. My largest class at EF is 16 students, so this is an entirely different teaching experience! If you don’t command respect and attention immediately when entering the classroom, they will walk all over you. And this is exactly what happens to me every time. A P.A. from EF always accompanies the teachers to San Zhong to help control the students and translate if you need help, but it’s up to the foreign teacher to get the kids to listen and be quiet. I’ve only had San Zhong a few times (thank God!) because I usually have VIPs instead, but I had it yesterday and I never enjoy the experience. I’m already too lenient with the noise and behaviour in my own classes, and there’s usually only 12 students in those! When I get angry and yell at them to shut up, I don’t stay mad long enough to let it sink in so they end up being noisy again later. I must come up with a better punishment for the future!…But I digress. So when I go to San Zhong I find it very hard to get the kids to shut up and because there are so many students the noise is definitely not at a good level to teach in. Yesterday was no different. They were loud and out of control.  I tried to single out one or two talkers and make an example of them, but that never seems to work. At one point, a kid threw a sandwich at me!!! I think he thought I was saying I was hungry, but really I was saying “Show me “eat!” because we were going to play a charades game. Fail. I think they get so out of control because they spend the entire day being quiet, sitting still, and drilling the chinese curriculum, and when the foreign English teachers come they actually get to stand up and play games. So I can’t blame them entirely…but still. Stupid children!!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Alex
    Nov 21, 2011 @ 10:48:47

    I found it all by myself!!


  2. Alex
    Nov 21, 2011 @ 10:50:35

    hahahahahah…..these kids sound like my kind of people….a sandwich….hahaha


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