That time Thor disappeared…

My bike, Thor, was stolen!! I left him outside the school the other day for about 2 hours while I attended a meeting and finished up a few lesson plans. I never ride my bike to school because I live so close, but I brought him that day because I was going to bike to the the gym on my break. The gym is a 10 minute bike ride but a 25 minute walk, and I don’t mind walking the distance but it’s just nice to cut the time in half. So I biked to school that day, locked Thor to one of the gates outside the building’s front doors, and made my way inside. Two hours later, I come out and Thor was gone! I did a double take, walked away, came back and stared at the empty spot, as if it was possible that I may have locked it somewhere else or mistakenly identified it for another. But alas, someone had cut the lock and taken him away. I wasn’t even mad, I was more like “awww ….that sucks”. This is not an unusual thing in Hohhot. I think it’s a staple to have your bike stolen here, nearly all the teachers have had theirs stolen once or twice. I think James has had his bike stolen 3 times! Rob said that he once saw a chain of bikes locked together outside the mall one day, and a huge truck drove right up and 3 men got out, picked up the block of bikes together, threw them in the back, and drove away! So it’s a very normal thing and I must remember to be more careful of where I decide to park my bike, even if it is only for 2 hours! It’s a good thing bikes are cheap! I may buy another one before winter, or maybe I’ll wait until after winter because it gets so windy here I might actually prefer walking to the gym rather than having my skin peel off from the icy freeze. But in the meantime, let’s all have a moment of silence in memory of my dear Thor. He was a good and loyal bike for those 3ish months and he will be missed.


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