Happy Halloween!

EF has 2 huge events a year that advertise the school: the Halloween Party and the Christmas Party. We had the Halloween Party at Wanda Mall this past Sunday and it was nuts! The party ran from 6-9 and the entire EF staff, foreign and Chinese, had to attend to help out with the 300ish students and parents attending. The school bought us costumes and payed for a free lunch before the show began. I went as a white ninja and gave myself a fake black-eye to make my costume all the more authentic! When we arrived at the mall there was a roped off area for the party, with a huge stage and speakers, spotlights, and hundreds of stools for the kids to sit at. The mall also had 3 levels, so people were watching us from the balconies on the upper 2 floors as well! When the party began, all the teachers were introduced one by one and we had to walk down this black-velvet catwalk and onto the stage to say something to the crowd. Tamlyn (who was a black ninja) and I walked the catwalk together and performed a choreographed fight routine for the crowd, which made the kids laugh. When I got to the microphone I think I said something like “My name is Stephanie! I’m from Canada and I love you!!” It really didn’t matter what we said because it was unlikely that the crowd would understand anyway, considering the majority of kids were Small Star or low HF ages. The night was pretty chaotic. We had a schedule that we had to go by, but it was so loud and some kids were up and wandering, some were fighting, some were crying, so sometimes it was easy to get sidetracked and be completely unaware of what was going on. The party consisted of a handful of games like Mummy-wrap, hot potato, shouting matches and Monster Mash, some speeches made by students (in english) on the history and meaning of Halloween, the teachers did a highland dance to Thriller, and there were prizes to hand out at the end. It was fun, but I was exhausted by the end! The teachers didn’t have to stay behind and help clean up afterwards (that was marketings job) so we all ditched our costumes and went out for drinks afterwards! I still had my black-eye from my costume and got a couple of odd looks, which is always fun. All in all, it was crazy but a good time and such an experience! Can’t wait to see what the Christmas party will be like, apparently it’s even bigger!


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    Nov 02, 2011 @ 02:16:30



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