Qingdao Day 2: Wandering foreigners and Feelings.

I slept in until around 9:30-10ish in the morning, then went upstairs to the patio and ate a healthy breakfast. I was feeling better, but once the others joined me we opted to not go to the beach that day. It was overcast and we decided to wait and see if it would be a sunny day out tomorrow and go then instead, also giving me another day to get healthier. Casey wanted to check out this “Ice Museum” that she read about online, and Tamlyn, Derek and I decided to go with! Kyle was going to do his own thing again, which is fine. So we got ready and set off to find the ice museum.

After what seemed like a half hour cab ride, we were dropped off at this very odd, eccentric theme park like area, with huge animal displays, kiddy-pools, rides, and signs that pointed you to places like “The Bear Show” and “Bird Island”. Going to see a bear show sounded horrifying because any animal display in China has animal abuse written all over it. We found the sign that pointed to the Ice Museum and went to check it out. Unfortunately, by just looking at the pictures outside the museum we could tell that it wasn’t anything special. Just a tourist attraction that built itself up to be more than it was, which appeared to be a room with frozen flowers and snowmen. Across the street from this mini-theme park was a rocky-like beach and the ocean, so we ventured over there instead to take pictures! It was a nice spot, so the trip to this location in Qingdao wasn’t a total waste.

On our cab ride back we decided to go to the mall to shop and eat, so we had the cab driver bring us to this interesting shopping centre on the marina. Derek and I ventured into the marina while Tamlyn and Casey shopped. There must have been a mini-fair going on or something because there were little rides for kids (like a merry-go-round, bumper cars, etc), a skateboard demonstration, and these interesting little golf-cart-like things that didn’t have wheels but were circular and rolled around while the driver sat in the middle. There were people fishing and flying kites along the boardwalk, and little stands were selling things like seashell jewellery, conches, pearl bags and live turtles in little containers. There was a lot to look at and we walked around for about an hour before returning to the mall to find Casey and Tamlyn. We ate lunch there (I ate what was probably the best sandwich I’ve ever had in my life) and then headed back to the hostel.

Once back at the hostel, Derek, Tamlyn and I went right back out to wander the area and take photos of the Chinese markets in Qingdao. They are a lot like the culture markets in Hohhot and sell the same things you’d find in any chinese shopping area: fruits and vegetables, knock-off clothes, trinkets and jewellery, notebooks, dvds, etc. There are a lot of some very interesting and beautiful statues and buildings in Qingdao, some dedicated to other countries that have had significant history in the city, such as Germany and France. There’s also a lovely park full of pathways, archways and old stairways just outside our hostel that we ventured through on our way back. Once back at the hostel, we rested for a bit and ate free bbq on the patio.

That night we got dressed, got in a cab and headed to what we thought was the bar street. The thing is, once we arrived on the “bar street” it was completely deserted. No one was around, and this was a friday night! The streets were dead, which was so surprising because we had been told that Qingdao had an exciting night life, considering the city is known for its selling and drinking of beer. A possible reason for the complete absence of people younger than 30 is because it was Autumn festival, where most people stay home with their families or go on trips elsewhere. After wandering around for an hour or so, looking for a bar that had people in it (!) we ended up at the notorious club called “The Feeling Club”. Overall, the place was fun! It had a bouncing, rotating dance floor, VIP service with our own waiter, and decent music. However, it’s called Feeling for a reason. There was probably a 90%-10% guy to girl ratio, and when me, Casey and Tamlyn ventured onto the dance floor it didn’t take long before we were swarmed by disgusting Chinese men that took the name “Feeling Club” quite literally. After a very evasive 5 minutes on the dance floor, I had had enough of being touched by people I didn’t know (I even slapped a guy in the face, bahahha) and we went back to the table and didn’t go back on the dance floor again until it had cleared up a bit. Instead we just had fun drinking and talking at our table. Derek and Kyle had disappeared somewhere in the club, and around 1:30am we decided to leave and find food. Casey found the boys, who were having their own dance off with each other near the dance floor, so we thought it best that we leave them to do their own thing. The Hohhot girls ventured off to a KFC that was down the street for some after-drinking fries. We found a cab and drove back to the hostel after that! Casey had the single room that night, so me and Tamlyn went to our room and I passed out right away!

So it was a tame second day in Qingdao, but in no ways was it not entertaining!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Debra vanderwey
    Oct 25, 2011 @ 05:23:15

    Hey steph sounds like you are having a great experience in china. My sister has taken in a student from china this year. I met your sister the other day…she sure looks like you..well kiddo be safe…take care..Debra


  2. maryanne
    Oct 26, 2011 @ 08:38:26

    hi steph
    you are having a much more exciting time in china then i had
    i suppose i shouldn’t have gone with a group of seniors….haha
    keep the adventure alive!!!



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