Home sweet home…?

I’m back in Hohhot after a 4 night stay in Beijing and a 3 night stay in Qingdao! The trip was AMAZING. I’m so elated that I had the opportunity to see and do the majority of activities that were covered on the trip. The Forbidden City was magnificent and the Great Wall was awe-inspiring! It felt unreal, actually walking on it, such a great experience. I was heartbroken to come back to Hohhot, and now I have to go to work soon! After this adventure I feel like I’ve actually experienced China the way I wanted to when I came and I’m already itching to set out and see other cities! Hopefully I’ll get to soon, but if not I’ll definitely travel once my contract finishes here in Hohhot. I’m so inspired now!

I’m going to blog about this trip, but I think I’ll be doing it in segments or it will become WAY to long. I’ll update with the first bit of the trip in the next one!



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