Yesterday, I made my 14 year olds play a very silly game. I drew a circle on the floor and divided it into 8 pieces. I numbered five sections 1 to 5 and wrote “sing” “dance” and “name” in the other three. I put a bottle in the middle. The students had to spin the bottle one at a time. If the bottle landed on numbers 1 through 5, they had to say one of five dialogues that had been previously written on the board. But if the bottle landed on “sing”, they had to sing the dialogue. If it landed on “dance”, they had to dance while speaking the dialogue. And if it landed on “name”, they had to turn around with their backs facing the class, and spell their name with their butt. It was quite idiotic but also extremely entertaining and my students HATED playing it (but obviously loved it when their classmates had to do embarrassing things). I laughed evilly the whole time until one of my students asked, accusingly: “Why aren’t YOU playing this game too!?” To which I replied smugly: “Because I KNOW english already. When you’re fluent like me you can have the privilege of dignity.” Bazinga.


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  1. Sara
    Sep 21, 2011 @ 03:15:57

    This actually just made me burst out laughing at work. Awesome! And a great reference to Dr. Sheldon Cooper… two-time emmy winner now!


  2. Ian
    Sep 21, 2011 @ 07:27:34

    This is the most hilarious thing! I loved what your response was to the children. Maybe that will make them learn english quicker. OR it will make them hate English. Miss you Steph!


  3. Lois Christianson
    Sep 23, 2011 @ 05:42:12

    Hi Steph
    You must watch Big Bang Theory. Isn’t it great and tonight the new season starts. Can hardly wait.Yes. Sara 2 emmies for Sheldon.
    My day with the boys to-day. They go to Pre school 3 mornings/week. They don’t stop talking the whole time I’m there. what a great lesson you taught. A NATURAL FOR SURE. E-Mailed your dad on his birthday.
    Wish I had a cook
    Keep those blogs coming
    Love Aunty


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