The Hangover (not mine)

A funny thing happened to my friend Matt the other night and I think I’ll share it with you because I think it’s a good example of what you should and shouldn’t do when you are invited to have dinner at a Chinese family’s house.

The other night, Matt and Casey were invited to eat dinner at Fiona’s house in celebration of the chinese festival that took place this week. Fiona is one of the CCs working at the school, and her family welcomed Casey and Matt into their home for a night of eating, drinking and shindigging.

Now, in China it is customary to keep up with your host when it comes to dining, and the host in this case was Fiona’s father. If you are offered something to eat, even if you don’t like it, it’s very rude not to at least try it. Even Matt, who is a vegetarian, sampled some plates with meat out of respect. If the host has a toast to you, you join in. If he gives a second toast to you, you oblige. If it’s your tenth toast in 1 hour, by all means have another shot of beijo.

Unfortunately, by 8pm Matt, who had surpassed his limit and was teetering on blackout drunk, had begun to pass out at the table. The host family offered him their sons room to rest in for a while, which Matt agreed to. Casey, who was feeling fine by the way, helped Matt upstairs. Matt wasn’t coherent but kept mumbling jumbled words in Chinese which all seemed to be along the lines of protest. Once Casey got him on the bed, he proceeded to puke all over the bed and Casey herself! Casey tried to get him into the bathroom but that was the unfortunate moment that Matt chose to finally allow his intoxication to drift him off into drunk coma otherwise known as sleep. Casey cleaned up the mess, herself, and went downstairs to break the news to Fiona and her family.

They were quite understanding. I wonder if they were even content in knowing that they could hold their alcohol better than a foreigner. They said that Matt could stay the night (the only option there was really, there was no waking him) so Casey gave her thanks and went home to bed, but not before phoning me to tell me the hilarious news.

The next day, Matt got home around 6am and told his roommate Kyle about the night and how it was the single most embarrassing moment of his life. But you know what they say, one persons embarrassment is another persons literary treasure. And I did not hesitate to mention the incident to him when we saw each other at school the next day. I even promised to blog about it when I got home, as an educational message to all people wanting to visit China. I’m glad Matt’s disgrace can now serve a better purpose, other than my own personal enjoyment. 😉


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