Speaking Mandarin

So far I have only learned very basic words in Chinese. I highly doubt I’ll be able to have even a very simple conversation in Mandarin before my contract ends, unless I hire a Chinese teacher and take lessons on my own. I’m not overly tempted to do this though, unless I choose to stay an extra year. As of right now, I can direct a cab, order food and say a few random words. Here they are, with no attempt to spell them correctly but only as they sound to me.

Words I use or hear on a daily basis
Nihao – Hello!
Jegga – This
Negga –  That
Do-ba-tchye – Sorry
tsi-tsi – Thank you
Bushu – No!
Diezo – To go
Ting-badong – I don’t understand
Laiwsure – Teacher
Wei-gorain – Foreigner
Jianada – Canada/Canadian

Words I use in class occasionally 
Jiyo! – Come on! (my favourite because my little students shout it at each other when we play competitive games)
Shwa! – Say! (When I want them to repeat me)
Aiya! – Oh my God!
Nei-baw-ma? – Do you understand? (I think)
Bizwai – Shut up (I’ve only ever shouted this once in class)

Directing a cab
Jizzo – Go straight
Zogwei – Go left
Yurgwei – Go right
shitzilocco – go through the intersection (I think)

Tada! Thats all I can say. I’m sure my vocab will expand after a few more months and now that intensives over I’m gonna try harder to learn, but apparently these key words are all I need to survive! They have gotten me through 3 months, anyway.


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  1. My-Tien
    Sep 18, 2011 @ 12:36:50

    Jegga negga are my favourite terms from this list, I also learned from one of my chef’s, Mr. Chen & Mulan that “aiya!” is the cross-cultural omg word for all Asian cultures. Aiyaaaaaaaaa


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