Here are a few interesting differences between Canadian culture and Chinese culture that I’ve noticed so far.

Traffic. I’ve talked about this before so you know that the rumours are true. It’s not that Chinese people can’t drive, it’s just that everyone seems to follow their own rules when behind the wheel, which leads one to believe they can’t drive.

3 Hot meals a day. Most of the students I’ve talked to have confirmed this: They eat 3 hot, large meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) because it helps them stay healthy and focused while at school. Lunch is the biggest meal of the day, then breakfast, and dinner is the smallest because you shouldn’t eat too much late at night.

Restaurants. I served for 4 years, and I know that I would absolutely HATE serving in China. Firstly, there is no tipping. Tipping is considered rude here, I don’t know why. Secondly, you don’t wait for your server to come to your table when they can. You shout “FOOYA!!” (not how you spell it but how it sounds) which is “waiter” in Chinese and whoever heard you first will come and see what you want. Thirdly, restaurants are very loud and manners vary between the customers. The people at table beside me the other day allowed their child to sit on top of the table next to the food in order to reach it better!

Beauty. I’ve also talked about this before. In Western culture, tanned skin and thinness is considered the norm in beauty, and in China they consider pale skin beautiful. Thinness is also the appeal for women in China, but not so much for men. The fat men always have beautiful wives/girlfriends because a lot of the time their size is a symbol for their wealth. Yes, even the Chinese gold dig.

Lines. This drives me crazy! Often in China people do not stand in line or wait their turn. Often, people just swarm or cluster around the vender/cashier/ticket booth, etc. This doesn’t happen everywhere in China or all the time, but more for the smaller areas that are less developed than big cities like Shenghai or Beijing.

Belly-Shirts. Now, in most cultures, it is more often that you will see women wear clothes that show their midriffs on hot days or for going out, not men. Well, in China I have yet to see any women wear belly-shirts but I have seen a lot of men’s stomachs. It’s very common to see men walking around or eating dinner with their shirt pulled up just under their nipples, bearing their bloated stomachs (in the case of older men) or 6-pack (in the case of younger men). I understand that when it’s hot you want to cool off, but it just looks so absurd!

Litter. Yes, it is dirty in China. Garbage litters the ground everywhere and I’ve witnessed many women, men and children throwing their garbage and placing their empty bottles on the ground at all times of the day, surrounded by people or without anyone around. It’s very disheartening that they are so ignorant to the global problem with garbage.

Water. Whatever you do, never drink water from the tap in China! It is very unsanitary. If I want to drink water I buy water bottles at the store, we have a water cooler in the kitchen, or you need to boil the water before drinking it. Not much can be done about showers and dish washing, so I just make sure to use a lot of soap!

Thats all for now, when I think up some more I’ll add it to the list!


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  1. My-Tien
    Sep 18, 2011 @ 12:28:22

    The quote stands true that you can judge how ethically modern and civilized a society is by how much of their garbage is recycled! (this quote kind of stands true…. It’s more so relatable to this post than displaying any real facts of any society)


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