Big Brother

Sadly, Caitlin is leaving EF in 2 weeks! Her contract is up and she flies back to England at the end of the month. She’s become a good friend and I’m sad to see her go. A new teacher arrived sometime tonight, and he will be her replacement! I think that’s a good thing about EF: there is a constant rotation of teachers, whether they’ve just arrived for a fresh contract, they leave after their contract ends, quit unexpectedly or are replaced with a brand new teacher. It’s a good thing because being in Hohhot, I’ve come to realize, is a lot like being stranded on a desert island with 14 other people. You eat, work, live and play with each other, and it’s good to bring in new teachers and see old ones go because it brings about an atmosphere of refreshment. Not that the people leaving wont be missed, but every new personality brings a new dynamic to the group, as well as fresh ideas for classes! Sometimes, the office can seem like an episode of Big Brother, or Survivor, or any reality show that has a group of strangers forced to work/live/socialize with each other for an indefinite time. There are times when we all love each other, and there are times when we all hate each other. We laugh, fight, hang out, disagree, and party together. Sometimes I’m reminded of what life was like in first year residence! I think that whenever you combine a group of people in a confined area or space for a significant amount of time, the outcome will always be the same: some people will click, some people will bump heads. This is something I’ve come to accept and respect. It’s just as important to meet people you disagree with as it is to meet people you are compatible with, because how else will you grow and mature, or learn about yourself? It is, of course, unfortunate when people disagree or don’t get along, which is why I’m grateful for the constant rotation of strangers. I am, however, very sad to see some go.


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