Open Days

On Saturday, EF School had an open day! Normal classes were cancelled and the school was opened up for parents and children to come in and see if they were interested in learning English at our school. From 9-6, the teachers performed demo’s, which are half=hour classes given in front of kids and their parents. The demo’s are organized based on the child’s age (SS, HF, and TB) and are meant to be very interacted, fun, and to get the children talking. Many parents go to the demo’s and open days just to see their children talk to a foreigner! This is why they needed 2 teachers to do the placement tests after the demo: for Small Stars, we basically place them in Green, Orange or Red depending on their age. But because the parents came and there were so many children per demo that day, we had to test them all for show: to make the parents happy. For the tests, we interview the child, asses their speaking ability, and place them in a level. After that, it’s up to the student and their parents to decide whether or not they want to sign up and pay for weekly classes.

The day was a success! About 60 students signed up (amazing!) and tomorrow the school is taking everyone out for a staff dinner at a nice restaurant in celebration. I had been nervous that day because I had yet to do a demo on my own. I had watched a few, but for the most part I had only done placement tests solo. My one and only demo was to be at 6:00pm, the last of the day, and I was told that chances were I wouldn’t have to do it because it was possible that no one would show up at the end of the day. But alas, 6 kids and their parents showed up – Small Stars too! – and I had to power through. It went alright I think, I was able to make them laugh which is all you can really hope for during a demo. Because the majority of kids were between 3-6, I did a lesson with numbers 1-10…pretty easy stuff. I’m glad I was forced to do it in the end, because once you get past the first time there really is no where to go but up!! I don’t think there will be another open day for a while, but by the time they do I’ll probably have been here for 6 months and will be scheduled for 5-10 demo’s throughout the day. Yay??


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  1. Blaine Copland
    Jul 19, 2011 @ 01:19:12

    Yay, Stephanie! What you are doing is so amazing. Sara is following your adventures, too.


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