Just a few random thoughts.

I named another student today!!! Unfortunately, it was another girl. I named her Haley (from One Tree Hill, haha). What I would give to get just ONE boy!!

I updated the “About” section of the blog, which is now called “The Decision”, just letting readers know about why I decided to come to China, why I’m blogging about it, and what I hope to take away from this experience.

A few weeks ago when I was in Toronto, I had the honour of spending a day with one of my best friends Colin. We were crossing the street near Dundas Square, and all of a sudden I heard a *thump* and then an “AIYA!!!” and wouldn’t you know, Colin and a tiny Chinese woman had collided into each other. The poor woman, being no match for Colin’s height, ricocheted off Colin with the most horrified look on her face, right into the arms of her white husband. I think Colin was just as shocked as the woman, but her face showed it more, as I looked back once we reached the other end of the street and she had the same shocked expression on her face, looking at Colin as if he intentionally invaded her space.
The reason I tell this story is because a) Colin and that woman are symbolic of me “colliding” with the Asian culture (you have just been English Majored!), and b) I quickly found out that in China, “Aiya!” is their version of “Oh My God!” or “Holy Crap!” or “Oh No!” etc, etc. I have embraced and adopted this phrase, and often when I am teaching a lesson I find myself saying it. For example, I point at my arm and say “What is this?!” and a student yells out “lamp!”, I go “Aiya!!” and they laugh, knowing that “lamp” is not correct based on my exaggerated reaction. Though, sometimes I say “Oh My Lady GaGa!!”, and I’ve heard students say it in class to each other on break. It’s pretty entertaining.

Also, I am thinking of stupid Western kid sayings to teach my kids. Casey (from America) taught her class “I know you are but what am I?”, but why she’d do that to herself, I don’t know. Scott taught his kids “not!” so he’ll say “what’s the answer!” and his class shouts back “The boy is riding his bike!…..NOT!” Awesome. I need one too!!

Working 9-9 both days tomorrow and Sunday! Wish me luck!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rachelle
    Jun 26, 2011 @ 05:18:30

    Hey Steph! Just wanted to let you know that i am really enjoying reading your blog!! What you are doing is amazing and very inspiring. You got balls 😉 Love you!


  2. maryanne rooney
    Jun 26, 2011 @ 19:21:30

    hi steph
    i was catching on my reading this morning. i have to say you are a wonderful writer and teacher by the sounds of things. bringing the 2 or 3 year old a baby doll and or candy might help..poor kid…i hated school at 5.. and i do remember the “horns” and non traffic rules of china…fun stuff..
    i just saw this comment section today. i know…a little dense. hope you are feeling better real soon.
    ya..hate the dust and where are the boys to men?
    take care..maryanne


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