Honk if you like dumplings!!!

Traffic in Hohhot is something I’m still getting used to. If I meet my death in China, I’m convinced it will involve traffic. What are the rules of the road? None, as far as I can tell. No wait, the only rule is you must honk every 30 seconds, even if nothing is wrong. That’s something I get really annoyed with here: people honk ALL. THE. TIME. No jokes. At home, I would be very careful in my choosings of whom I honk at, and my target was often if not always old people. But today, I watched a line up of cars waiting at a traffic light, and the last car pulls up at the rear and begins honking his horn, which encourages the rest of the line to begin honking their horns until there were so many honks it began to make a coherent tune. And once the light turned green, it was the next lanes turn to honk their horns! Hurray! So yes, honking is a must in China. I’m starting to think that they don’t so much honk to warn other cars or people of their whereabouts on the road, but its actually a Chinese game: Honk when you see another car! Honk when you see clouds! Honk if you think you’re a good person! Honk when you’re hungry! Honk if you had a good sleep last night! Etc, etc. The traffic lights here are obeyed…but very begrudgingly, it seems. There are pedestrian walk-way signs too…but no one seems to pay them much attention. You simply walk or bike where and when you want to walk or bike. “Pedestrians First” is definitely not a staple here.


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